Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Detrimental Love

I kept asking my mom on what am I need to write to reach to my young readers, that I would target the young audience and to be able to attract their attention to fill their dreams on future ahead. I wish that I can tell to my adik-adik that dreams is not only restricted into be a professional career when you grow older. It is more to be able to contribute to your family, parents, society in the community and how you would tell to your adik-adik too later on when you see a bigger picture as a grown up man.

I was growing up with the inspiration Prof Hamka gave in me when I was still unable to read complicated book, but somehow I chase my dream to be able to read Tafsir Al Azhar when I grow up, and I did and I still struggling for ample time to read it until the last Jilid.
He inspired me to be a dreamer. Although that I was born in 90, and clearly that he had gone before I was born. It is his book that made me acknowledge him. I am truly inspired by a writer just like him. Moving forward by his inspiration, I was an enthusiastic student for making any short story on ‘Detrimental Love” since I was in High school. I wrote novel too when I was quite bored and I passed it to my friends and it turned out a phenomenon in my school.
The love story that I wrote was an eloquent love that would be happen to us in 10 years later. A man or woman would seek a love to fill the emptiness within themselves, so they are aggressively seek the mutual understanding on love and what foremost is falling in love. Imagine a 13 year old girl was an author for that. Quite sneaky huh?
Since I was writing this “Detrimental of Love” when I was thirteen, I just thought recently that I need to write back as a grown up woman whom still haven’t have an official soul partner yet.
I don’t need to re write the dialogue between the characters, between Haryati and Ibrahim. Wow, the name itself seems so legit. I can’t help myself right now because I keep on laughing whenever I remember my English teacher laughed so hard when I send this to his room.
The thirteen year old author was a reserved student, she still the same one until now that she choose who seems that can be comfortable to speak her thoughts. She spent most of her time to write a novel or cerpen for love story that inspire the love is real. However, prince charming is not really real in her point of view since she was younger. The love beween Haryati and Ibrahim found was treacherous, you know what does it mean?
It means that the love that they gained was pointless even before they had an official relationship. They were so in need for each other, but they forgot one thing. Their parents blessing. The love that seems happy and such, that when Haryati’s mother object her choice, she end up running towards Ibrahim and asked him to take her away. Away from the madness and yes, love story is all about that. It was my idea when I was clearly out of blue what shape the marriage and such!
But after all their turbulence paid off, Haryati found that Ibrahim wasn’t the same person that she chased for. He is agony, rash, selfish and all, she found that love is more than that..and so, what makes me to set the mind was.. “Can we just simply abide the rule that Allah has given to us?” That was my point of view then,. Can we just respect our parents and women should have pride that she shouldn’t chase a man and confess and put all of the efforts as if man shouldn’t do a thing?
How about a man passion on getting his love for his girl?

By law of love, all of us need back to Allah, because He is the one whom created us and no matter how hard you love someone, they are belong to Allah. Not “you belong with me” just like Taylor said. So, my intention in that book was like, pray.
Pray that one day, your doa is heard by Allah and I still believed in true love. Just like Nabi Adam was despair when he lose Siti hawa. However, true love must be gain by perseverance of the attitude. Religion is not all about of the ibadah, it’s the way of our life. How can we raise a child when we are still have no idea on getting peace between us? All about arguments?

I was inspired by my kakak jiran back then, it was her story I tell yaa. Haha. She was fifteen, and she should concern on her studies, not a man. That was I thought, so I wrote this forbidden love and I spiced it up with dramatic arguments and poverty. Yes poverty my friend, siap miskin papa kedana taw ending dia! Ohhoo.
Moreover, to create a dramatic scene, Haryati managed to build up an empire of business just like Oshin did when Oshin was younger and before her business ruptured in Osaka after World War II and she build it back from scratch!
Somehow the love story made my girl friends were quite hypnotized with the fake happiness and decided on dating after finish the studies. I must take credit on that, but I got many complaints on the ending.. but.. uhh. Who cares then..
Love is love. Love isn’t lust.

Prof Hamka inspired me to be a writer, a reader and so I’m very moved by every single thing that he did. He was an author for Lambaian cinta Kaabah too, and also Tenggelamnya Kapal Van DerWijck. His book collections are more than that, you can find it on the internet but when I flashed back the moments that I was a school girl, my dream was to build the happiness. I am the one who can get very attached to the people and moments, and It was very hard for me to not to rely on that thing and moved on. Clearly I set in my mind that happiness isn’t for forever. I may have a perfect guy dating on me right now, but once Allah take it back. Am I able to move on and be grateful for what He had given me after all?

Women must be empower of the love insights. By knowing the Allah’s love and whenever He is taking back what belongs to Him. We should be able to move further in our lives. Till then. 

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